Avalanche Quartz

Avalanche is a quartz stone with a wild pattern yet unique that has a veining combination in greys, beiges and brown tones on a warm back that offers the possibility of having a elegant yet luxurious presented surface in interiors that require sturdy surfaces with minimal maintenance needs.
Avalanche quartz comes in a polished finished with a highly reflective sheen.

White Fusion

White Fusion is a quartz stone with a charming white backdrop. It has a striking combination of grey and black veins, evoking the natural beauty of the popular White Fusion.

Quasar Light

Modern and Sleek are two words that come to mind when you mention Quasar Light.
If chosen, you can transform your kitchen to an elegant kitchen.

Dark Emperador

Dark Emperador is quartz from Spain. A mixture of light to brown veins mixing with dark brown. Dark Emperador is recommended for use in residential and commercial buildings. Dark Emperador Quartz could be used for countertops, mirrors, vanities or floor tiling. The movement, shades and translucent veins makes the veins unique.

Misterio Quartz

Our Misterio Quartz is very popular to the Mc Monagle Marble and Granite range. It is bright with yet a soft grey veining throughout the slab. Misterio marries well with every colour.
The veins in the Misterio slab go all the way through the body of the slabs. This gives a depth perspective. The grey veining ranges from light to dark grey and can be mild yet look like they are alive. It is of high quality and stain resistant.

Ice Lake Quartz

The Ice Lake quartz is a high quality and unique white quartz with patterns of grey watercolour throughout the slab. Ice Lake gives the minimalistic and modern feel to any kitchen. When choosing Ice Lake you can compliment it by choosing a coloured wall and a burst of white cabinets which makes the room brighter, bigger and grander.

Dolce Vita Quartz

Dolce Vita Quartz is a stunning white with ivory stone along with tones of grey in the slab. Dolce Vita slabs are also polished and can be popular for commercial and residential. Dolce Vita would also be an idea for floor tiling. It has an elegance beauty only comparable with the more natural stones.

Tobacco Quartz

If you were looking for a fresh, light yet alluring quartz for your property Tobacco Quartz would be the choice. Numerous colours veining throughout the slab yet very neutral. Tobacco Quartz has a veining of a timeless design that will always be admired. It gives a modern yet engaged look for a worktop.

Ulliano Quartz

Ulliano is a quartz stone with a grey background along with appealing white veins. The white vein in the dark quartz evokes the natural beauty.
Ulliano is a man made product that whilst in terms of its looks, it won’t need sealing or resealing. It is very easy to maintain.

Silver Sea Quartz

Silver Sea quartz is a lovely material with a homogeneous cream and greyish base. It has a smooth feel to it. There are small grains randomly presented across an elegant surface that is highly resistant to staining and accidental impact that will keep away blemishes, scratches in its coverings.