Architects / Designers

Architects / Designers

Architects are often tasked with specifying each element of the job they are managing. We offer not only a product that helps them do this, we also provide drawing and technical specifications for the Worktops allowing them to provide the level of service they need.

In the overall design of a building or construction project, a product like a Worktop is considered a C-part. This is a small item in the overall scheme of the job. These are often the items that take the most in terms of time and resources to sort out. By offering our service to Architects we make this part easier.

Direct customers

We cater for private individuals who are fitting a new kitchen and to those who wish to put a new worktop on an existing kitchen.
The benefits of fitting a granite worktop are:

  • Beautiful, pristine finish
  • Durability
  • Easy to clean with no maintenance required