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Product / Service


Granite worktops come with a large list of practical benefits. Being naturally formed, Granite is naturally an extremely durable material.Common benefits of having granite worktops include:

Granite’s excellent durability means that it has resistance to pressure, wear and tear as well as being heat resistant. This makes it ideal for use in a kitchen.

Due to the way granite is formed and polished before fitting, it is an extremely hygienic and easy to clean surface. A surface sealer is applied during the manufacturing and polishing process to create an impenetrable shield against all kinds of common kitchen germs.

A common, missed benefit of granite worktops is the additional value they can add to a home. Because granite is a solid and hard-wearing material, it is likely to last a lifetime over the cheaper wooden and laminate worktops. Deemed a worthwhile investment to your home, granite worktops don’t lose their value once fitted.


In providing our service we use the following process with our customers:

Consultation: We consult with our customers, considering their needs and wants. Given the extensive range of product that we stock we can satisfy a wide range of tastes and requests.

Design and Template: Taking our customers instructions, we mock up a design of the finished product to show our customer an image of what the finished top will look like. We also hold a range of samples at our factory that customers can view.

Produce and Supply: Following agreement on the finished product and receipt of the order we manufacture the worktop at our factory.

Install: Our final phase is to fit the product. This is expertly done by our qualified fitters. Our aim is to leave a clean, tidy, fitted product with our customer.

Distance poses no obstacle for us and a nationwide service is available.