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Luxury inspired by nature.

Splendid mixture of marble look translucent shades of green veins in a spider web pattern a style statement in any setting.

Timeless Beauty filled with elegant movement of grey, black, and gold gives an unbroken surface of colour and shine to this stunning kitchen

Beauty in simplicity brown grey vein layers spreading over a white marble-look background soften the surface giving it a richer more luxurious appearance.

Amazing contrast dramatic with modern style white marble effect and contrasting lightning bolt veins on a dark grey background automatically becomes a focal point in this fabulous kitchen

Unique beauty crisp white background with soft feathery contrasting grey/blue veins reflect light and create understated elegance

Nature inspired pale grey background with a random cluster of soft beige/blue/black/white and a hint of gold evokes flawlessness and luxury.

Architectural features come together to create a warm cosy feel grey/blue tones compliment the rich appearance of this timeless classic.

Cool sophistication with natural charm large grain particles create a sediment effect with a neutral colour palette balancing sophisticated style with natural elements

Embracing natural elements cool tones enhance the natural light on a soft warm background
Timeless and distinctive

A lively pop of colour enhances the purest crisp white feel and brings comfort to the hub of the home

Super sleek elegance, an exploration of warmth through these soft tones for a timeless classic which will be cherished for a lifetime

Home is where the heart is earthly and warm tones compliment the soft grey veins anchored by a contrasting white wispy marble look background